While Blacks Suffer from High Tuition Fees, Wits Increases its Fees 2% Above Inflation

Blacks Suffer Most

Across the nation, black South Africans are falling behind in almost every walk of life due to a lack of economic empowerment.

Nowhere is this more pronounced than in education. For example, a recent survey by StatsSA found 710,139 students enrolled at higher education institutions during 2015. However‚ only 3.1% of black South Africans aged 18 to 29 were studying at these institutions‚ compared to 15.7% of white South Africans.

#FeesMustFall – Trying to Break the Vicious Cycle

As the #FeesMustFall protests demonstrate, and the fact that over half of black students drop out due to a lack of resources, high fees stop black students getting the education they deserve.

Imagine our shock and disappointment to learn that Witwatersrand – one of the nation’s leading universities – has decided to pull the ladder up further for black students.

Protesters hold an 'Education is not a privilege' sign
The People Know Education is Not a Privilege. Voetsek.

Do They Just Not Care?

Despite months of student protests, and the Student Representative Council (SRC) appealing to the University to reconsider the impact of higher fees on accessibility for black students, the university arrogantly raised tuition by a staggering 8%.

At 2% ABOVE inflation, what possible justification is there for this?

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