White South Africans earn five times more than black peers – StatsSA

Last Friday, StatsSA revealed that white South Africans today earn an average annual income of ZAR444,446.

By comparison, black South Africans earn an average annual income of just ZAR92,893 – a mere fifth of their white counterparts.

Additionally, StatsSA’s research demonstrated that the national average annual income stood at ZAR138,186, meaning anyone with a name like Thulasizwe entering South Africa’s job market can expect to earn over ZAR45,000 less annually than someone with a name like Willem.

How these differences emerge

The differences in income between black and white South Africans are the result of the different professions these two groups occupy.

For example, despite white South Africans representing just 8% of the population, they occupy nearly 70% of all top management jobs.

In stark contrast, black South Africans who represent 80% of the population, hold less than 15% of top management positions.

Not for a lack of trying

Many will be quick to point out this is by no design, and that with requisite skills, anyone in South Africa can progress.

However, StatsSA’s figures prove otherwise. Though over 50% of black students drop out of university due to a lack of funding, South Africa still produces nearly 50 thousand black graduates every year – 2.5 times more than white graduates.

Yet, despite the country supplying ever-greater numbers of qualified black South Africans, the 2016 Jack Hammer Report showed how the number of black CEOs has been FALLING in recent years, from 15% to 10%.

This trend isn’t unique to CEOs. Across the country, white unemployment stands at 8.3%, whilst black unemployment is 39%.

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Getting a paycheck. Black or white? Voetsek Blog

No one should be left behind

As Statistician General Pali Lehohla said as he presented his figures, what these numbers show is “what we are up against”.

If you think it’s time the Thulasizwes had an equal chance to the Willems of South Africa, let us know in the comment section.

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