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Last week, Voetsek published the heart-breaking story of Neo Kekana, and how he was unable to complete his education because his parents are too poor.

A new survey of 700,000 students by StatsSA and Analytico has revealed just how damning depriving the poor of education is.

Those who matriculate high school can expect to earn up to twice as much as those who didn’t. Someone with a degree can expect to earn 330% more than someone who only matriculated, and up to 1163% more than someone with no qualifications!

Education is key to social mobility and without better access to education, South Africa’s majority black population will never be able to work their way out of poverty.

And Here are the Numbers

Qualification Average gross income per month
No schooling R1,704
Some primary school (grade 1 – 7 incomplete) R1,867
Completed primary school (grade 7) R1,946
Some secondary education (grade 8 – 12 incomplete) R2,660
Grade 12 R4,977
Grade 12 with certificate R8,326
Grade 12 with diploma R13,378
Bachelor’s degree R21,527


Matriculation for the Whole Generation

Sadly, nearly every white child in our schools matriculates, but only two thirds of black children make it this far.

Over half of black university students drop out due to a lack of money, and for every one black graduate, there are 6 white graduates!

Shouldn’t we as a country call time on this injustice?

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