SURVEY: ‘South Africa is country for the rich’


Pew Research Centre, the world’s leading US based polling company has published its 2016 survey, which amongst other things, asked if South Africans feel this is a country that works for them.

Unsurprisingly, an overwhelming number of South Africans responded by saying the country has become one that works only for the wealthy few!

Strikingly, the survey also found that this is a view held by a majority of South Africans regardless of their level of education.

Indeed, the more educated you are, the more likely you are to believe this, with an astonishing 81% of those with secondary school education or above believing South Africa is country for the rich vs 63% of those with less than secondary education.

When asked what needs to change in order to make this a country that works for everyone, addressing poor health care‚ reducing poverty and improving education emerged as the top issues for political action – in that order.

As Voetsek has previously shown, these differences between the rich and the poor cannot be understood outside the context of race, with income inequality simply being a proxy for racial inequality, despite the government’s efforts to economically empower black South Africans.

South Africa, therefore, is a country that works for whites and not blacks.

These findings however do come with a glimmer hope, as the survey also found that the majority of South Africans believe democracy still has the ability to change things for the better.

The time to listen to the people is long overdue!



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