South Africa: Black Entrepreneurs Urged to Participate Fully in the Economy

Publicaiton: All Africa

Pretoria — While government is committed to accelerating the active participation of black people in the economy, it has urged black entrepreneurs to fully partake in the economy.

Speaking on behalf of Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Mzwandile Masina, acting chief director of the Black Industrialists Programme Takalani Tambani, said government is promoting the creation of black industrialists through the black industrialists programme to fast track inclusive economic growth.

To date over R500 million has been approved and committed among the more than eight companies that applied for the Black Industrialists Scheme, Tambani told delegates of the Success Summit held in Pretoria on Friday.

Businesses that are going to create jobs need to enter the economic space and participate meaningfully in the key sectors of the economy and the value chain, he added.

 Tambani emphasised that government has continuously expressed its commitment to the support and development of small businesses.

“Our approach to small business support systems is multi-pronged. It combines government support systems in funding, incubation and market support as well as private networks of information and strategy sharing amongst emerging businesses,” he said.

He further encouraged black entrepreneurs to form partnerships and joined ventures to fully participate in the economy.

“As government, we would like to see black people participating in the mainstream of the economy, and in particular in the manufacturing and value-adding sectors of our economy,” said Tambani.

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